Origin Effects Launches Two New Studio Grade Compressor Pedals

By May 8, 2019Guitar, News, Pedals

Origin Effects have debuted two new compressor pedals. The SlideRIG Compact Deluxe Mk2 and the Cali 76 Stacked Edition. Both pedals feature two compressors, running in series, to create endless sustain.

High end compression and endless sustain for guitarists. Origin Effects have delivered two new pedals that offer up different flavours of squeeze in a compact footprint.

The SlideRIG cuts down the footprint of the original large format pedal, promising to be even more user friendly.

The six knobs on the front panel control stages one and two of the compression, with a dry knob which allows you to dial in the perfect blend of affected and dry signal. The attack/release knobs adjusts the attack and release times for both compressors.

As you might have guessed, the Cali 76 takes its inspiration from the Urei 1176 FET compressor.

Like the SlideRIG, it presents a six knob front panel, with the ingenious thru knob at its heart. Being stacked, the thru control attenuates the output of the first compressor, allowing you do finely tune the how hard the signal is hitting the second compressor.

For more information on these effortlessly classy pedals, visit Origin Effects.

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