Orange Goes White With Their 50th Anniversary Edition White Crush 20

By October 10, 2018Amps, News
Orange White Crush 20

It’s Orange‘s 50th anniversary, and to celebrate, they’ve made a limited edition amp, the White Crush 20. If you’re in the market for that classic British sound in a versatile practice amp, then this is for you.

Orange White Crush 20

The Orange Anniversary Edition White Crush 20 looks a little bit fancy, but it in no way compromises on classic British dirty tones.

Launched in 2015, the highly acclaimed Crush Series shook up the practice amp scene, offering a tube-sounding solid-state alternative to modelling amps. The amp produces a range of classic orange tones with simple controls and bulletproof lightweight housing.

For a limited time, the amp will be available in a white basket weave vinyl adorned with an Orange Amplification 50th Anniversary plaque. Perfect if you want something a little special without any compromise on tone.

The White Crush 20 has two channels, a high gain pre-amp and an 8-inch Voice of the World speaker, which Orange claims, “is nothing short of staggering.”

For more information on the Orange White Crush 20 visit the Orange website.

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