Orange Drop Two New Stompboxes: The Getaway Driver and Fur Coat

By August 30, 2017Guitar, Happy, News, Pedals

Amplifier aces Orange have announced the release of the two new pedals, the Getaway Driver amp simulator and the Fur Coat fuzz.

All the goodness of vintage amps in two new pedals: meet the Fur Coat fuzz and Getaway Driver amp simulators from Orange.

The Getaway Driver delivers juicy valve-driven power of a vintage Orange amp. If you’ve ever played on Orange amp, you’ll know how simple they are to operate – this is reflected in the controls of this new pedal: volume, bite (tone) and gain are all the knobs you’ll find here.

It features two outputs – a direct one that’s more transparent, and a second that emulates a speaker cabinet. Ingeniously, the valve emulations depends on the voltage of your chosen power supply, at 9 volts it reflects the character of EL84 valves, 12 volts dishes up an EL34 tone.

The Fur Coat fuzz is based on the Foxx Tone Machine, built in 1970. Aside from the controls you might expect like EQ, volume and Fuzz, an extra upper octave can be punched in via a footswitch.

The octave is actually adjustable, so you can add a little shine to the fuzz, or crank it up for synthy chaos.

Check out the Orange website for more info.

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