Option Knob Launch a High Flying Phaser-Tremolo, the Danger Zone

By January 23, 2019News, Pedals
Option Knob Danger Zone

No, we haven’t started covering new drone releases, this my friends is a guitar pedal. Option Knob, a company that began designing propellor-like knob expression controllers, has branched into the world of pedals, through the Danger Zone.

Option Knob Danger Zone

Is it a bird, is it a plane? Nope, it’s just the ‘Danger Zone’, a new phaser/tremolo from custom expression controller company Option Knob.

The Danger Zone is a combined phase and tremolo that incorporates all of Option Knob’s expression control know-how, evident in their inclusion of ‘Wing Man’ dials for depth control. The pedal covers everything you’d expect in a standard tremolo and phaser, however, it comes built-in with sonic Easter eggs, which can be found in the upper ranges of the phase rate, or by hitting the Mach II Boost switch for ‘sonic boom capabilities’.

Option knob states that “The ‘Danger Zone’ was created to provide combinable analog tremolo and phaser FX with optimal control and colouration flexibility. This handbuilt dogfighter will inspire any musician on stage and in the studio. Master different supersonic tonal combinations. Fire at will.”

If you consider yourself a bit of a top-gun, head over to Option Knob’s website for a full briefing, or check the video below for a bit of reconnaissance on Option Knob’s expression controllers.

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