Oneohtrix Point Never to Sell Off his Synths, Samplers and More

Oneohtrix Point Never (aka Daniel Lopatin) is set to launch his own Reverb store. Up for grabs is a collection of instruments that have shaped his catalogue, including synths, samplers, effect pedals and recording gear.

Oneohtrix Point Never is famed for his synthscapes that are awash with arpeggios and atmospheric drones. Now he’s selling off some of the gear that has contributed to his unique sound.

The reason that Lopatin has gone down the Reverb route is to fund a new, more permanent studio.

Included in the items for sale is a Roland SP-555 sampler that saw a lot of action on his 2011 record, Replica. Enticingly, it’s still loaded with a memory card containing samples from live shows and the album itself.

Among the synths available are an Alesis ION,  Waldorf Microwave XT,  and an Elektron Analog. There’s also a KORG Kronos Workstation and a pair of Focal monitors that were used to record and mix everything from 2013’s R Plus Seven onward.

For more details on the sale, visit Reverb.

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