Olympia Noise Co Releases The Patterning 2 App for iPad

By August 6, 2018Drums, News, Software
Patterning 2

Olympia Noise Co have updated their award-winning drum-pad app Patterning, with version two offering a suite of new creative possibilities.

Patterning 2 allows you to use your iPad to create beats and loops. Olympia Noise Co claims the new gen’s circular display allows you to “explore rhythmic possibilities impossible to achieve in traditional sequencers.”


Olympia Noise Co’s new Patterning 2 turns your iPad into a sophisticated sequencer. Finish that new mixtape on the way to work.

Patterning 2 allows you to randomise and automate every parameter down to a step-by-step basis with independent loop settings. Built-in effects can create layers of atmospheric sounds and percussive noise with tuneable quantisation, making sure you always hit the right beat.

A new drum switching feature means you can swap and change as many drum kits as you please. You can also download hundreds of free factory or user-created drum kits.

The second generation app allows you to store drum loops in folders for use in DAWs such as Ableton and you can even connect to other instruments via MIDI. How very convenient.

Check it out on the app store here.

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