Old Blood Noise Endeavors Unveils the Reflector Chorus V3

By September 28, 2018Guitar, News, Pedals, Recording

Oklahoma pedal makers Old Blood Noise Endeavors have just released the Reflector Chorus V3 pedal. It ticks all the boxes for a modulation stompbox, plus a reverb wash for even more textural depth.

The Reflector Chorus V3 is the latest effort by the legends at Old Noise Blood Endeavors. It combines ambience and modulation in a small-format pedal.

The company describe the pedal as “a densely lush chorus with three modes of modulation.” As such, it has the standard chorus controls, like rate and depth.

The innovation lies in the three-way switch which features Wrinkle – a vibrato-style chorus, where you can use the modulate knob to go from one octave down to one octave up.

Washed mode is a chorus where the modulate knob slathers on reverb before the chorus effect and Mirrors, which is a detuned chorus crossed with a flanger.

Check out the Old Blood Noise Endeavors website for more details.

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