Obelisk by Frozen Plains Creates Harmonies for MIDI Productions

By August 1, 2017Happy, News, Production, Recording

Audio software developers Obelisk have created Frozen Plains, a harmonising VST plugin.

Need help creating harmonies? Obelisk by Frozen Plains have delivered a musically innovative tool for creating chords from MIDI notes.

Sometimes it’s easy to get lost when trying to create harmonies for a melody. Other times, it can be difficult to contrive an interesting way to create harmonic context for a tune. Obelisk takes the parameters that are set by the user and outputs harmonic information to any instrument that can accept MIDI.

So with this capability and customisation, it’s definitely a tool that can be utilised by musicians that are adept at music theory, or those wishing to augment the depth of their compositions. Keys, chords and scales can all be limited to provide the right atmosphere for any piece of music.

Obelisk is now available on Mac and PC. Beware that it is a VST so it won’t be usable on all DAWs.

Check out the Frozen Plains website for more details.

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