Numark Releases Scratch Two Channel Mixer

By June 18, 2019DJ, Mixing, News
Numark Scratch Mixer

Numark has been pioneering in the mixer department for many years, including the groundbreaking HDCD-1 which was the first DJ playback system with a built-in hard drive. Now the company is giving innovation another crack with the Numark Scratch, a performance-oriented two-channel mixer that promises a versatile array of features that are simple to use and easy to access.

Numark Scratch Mixer

Numark has been in the mixer game for a long time, but now they’re back with the Scratch, an innovative performance-oriented two-channel mixer

A highlight of the Scratch is its six direct access software FX buttons, which let the user access a range of effects, tweakable with timing and intensity controls. Each effect can be triggered with performance-based toggle pads and four additional pads which can trigger hot cues, rolls for buildups, stab beats and sample controls.

Separate looping controls are supplied for each channel, as well as a Low/High-pass filter independent of software allowing it to work effectively with analog turntables. For the price, you also get a full version of Serato DJ Pro with the complete DVS Expansion Pack.

In short Numark’s new a mixer offers a lot of kit for its low price point.

In Numark’s own words:

“Numark is where scratch mixing originally got its start. This latest mixer from Numark will absolutely change expectations on what a basic scratch mixer should include, that’s how significant this is. By incorporating modern day features, this mixer gives every DJ in the world—regardless of their budget—the opportunity to perform at a higher level with more creativity than they ever dreamed possible. Scratch combines pure DJing fun and no-compromise professional performance in a way that’s never been done before at this affordable price point.”

For more information take a look at Numark’s website.

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