Nucleus is Voltage Modular’s Free New Eurorack Bundle

Voltage Modular

In honour of Voltage Modular’s 1st anniversary, Cherry Audio is releasing a free patch bundle for the software, Nucleus. Voltage Modular is a VST, AU or AAX Eurorack plug-in for both macOS and Windows.

Its pristine hardware look with its software versatility makes it a powerful creative tool for modular rookies and pros alike. The new bundle gives you 22 free modules to play with including oscillators, filters, envelopes, VCAs, sequencer, arpeggiator, utilities and a bunch of effect processors.

Voltage Modular

Take a step into the world of modular with Nucleus. Cherry Audio’s awesome free bundle for their Voltage Modular software.

Building massive synth textures and huge evolving soundscapes with Voltage’s advanced modulation and CV controls is easy. You can grab your MIDI controller and play your custom designed synths or experiment by sending audio into the system itself. If you’re looking for even more possibilities, Cherry Audio’s free modular designer software lets you code your own modules from scratch and use them alongside others.

If you’ve already got your head around the idea of modular synthesis, Cherry Audio is also offering up a variety of other bundles. Some include their 45 module Ignite bundle and 96 module Core bundle with an extra 15 drum modules from Misfit Audio.

You can download the free bundle now from the Cherry Audio website.

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