Novation Unveils Their New Flagship Polysynth: Summit

By May 9, 2019News, Synths

The Superbooth product debuts continue to come thick and fast. This time, Novation have announced the release of the Summit polysynth. The two part, 16 voice analog architecture is based on their desktop module, Peak.

The Peak is already impressive. Imagine having two? Novation have done just that with the announcement of their new flagship polysynth, Summit.

The Summit is the culmination of Novation’s synth design and basically encompasses two of their Peak units in one unit.

The new synth’s sound is based on Novation’s proprietary New Oxford Oscillators, which is then sent through a stereo analog signal path.

Modulation is provided through one amp and two modulation envelope generators, which have a loopable ADSR design. Effects are in the form of distortion, chorus, delay and reverb.

Unlike the Peak, the Summit comes with a keyboard. The same one, in fact, that features on their high end SL MkIII MIDI controller, with aftertouch included.

Further details are still scant at the moment, so stay tuned to the Novation website for more information.

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