Novation Unveil Their New All-Encompassing MIDI Controller, the SL MKIII

By October 11, 2018Keys, News, Software
Novation SL MKIII

Novation have unveiled the newest product in their line, the SL MKIII – a fully-featured, all-encompassing MIDI controller.

Novation SL MKIII

Novation have unveiled their new all-encompassing MIDI controller, the SL MKIII. Check out the insane set of features this thing has below.

“An all-sequencing, all-dancing hub for all of your music making tools”, the SL MKIII has been designed to be the centrepiece for your rig, which connects and controls your entire setup with a computer or without.

It features an eight-track hardware sequencer, with both a step and live sequencer that records automation (and you can edit right from the keyboard), an onboard arpeggiator, USB, MIDI in, MIDI out, a second MIDI thru/out, eight faders and eight knobs for mixing (and DAW support for all major DAWs, plus dedicated Logic and Reason integration), velocity sensitive and polyphonic aftertouch pads, Cloud backup and restore of templates and sessions, and heaps more.

The SL MKIII is available in both 49 and 61 key versions. They have released a slew of videos showing off its capabilities. Check some out below and find out more at the Novation website.

[via CDM]

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