Northern Boarders is a Retro Sample Engine Inspired By Boards of Canada

By May 29, 2019News, Software
Boards of Canada

Northern Borders is a new plugin by Sample Science that uses a wide array of organic and analogue samples to create sounds inspired by Scottish electronic duo Boards of Canada.

Boards of Canada

Northern Boarders by Sample Science is a diverse sample engine that uses four retro layers to produce sounds reminiscent of Boards of Canada.

The new plugin features a wide array of “organic, electro-acoustic and analogue synthesiser sounds” making Northern Boarders a very quirky and immersive sampling machine. Each has been multi-sampled allowing for playability over a wide span of notes.

Northern Boarders uses 42 sounds in total, most of which are recorded from modular synths, vintage radios, tape decks, and old video equipment. Many of these are inspired by the sounds used by Boards of Canada, such as a Rotgbiv bass, electric pianos, and the various glockenspiel-like tones.

Each sound can be modified and layered via four engines – ‘Main Oscillators’, ‘Field Recordings’, ‘Surface Noises’, ‘Analog Noises’ as well as ‘Transient’ and ‘Artifacts Effects’.

If you’re a fan of Warp Records sound and ambient electronic music, Northern Boarders is a must-have sample engine for your production.

Head over to Sample Science’s website for more information

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