Noise Engineering Introduces Two Massive New Modules

By May 29, 2019News, Outboard, Synths
noise engineering modular synth aim cim

Boutique synth masters, Noise Engineering, have just launched two new modules. They’re both massive 5U modules, with equally big names.

noise engineering modular synth aim cim

Big modules with a big sound. Noise Engineering has delivered two new synth modules. Heavy bass lines, sweet melodies, even bleeps and bloops are covered.

The first one – Ataraxic Iteritas Magnus (AIM for short) is an aggressive oscillator that features a digital architecture. Noise Engineering go into more detail about the design in the following:

“…first, you pick one of three bit tables to give you your initial waveforms. Those waveforms can then be scrolled through, shaped, folded, noise-modulated, comb filtered, and more, all with AIM’s various front-panel controls and corresponding CV inputs.”

The Cursus Iteritas Magnus (CIM) claims to be the polar opposite of AIM. The module gives the user control over three different modes based on different conceptualisations of frequency. Thankfully, the creators also translate it into plain speakin’:

“…they’re basically just different ways to create a nice-sounding harmonic structure in a waveform, and they give you a bunch of cool parameters to change how everything is put together.”

For more info, head over to Noise Engineering.

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