No More Jacks: Heritage Audio Announces BT-500 Bluetooth Streaming Module

Heritage Audio BT-500 Bluetooth

Integrating bluetooth devices into a recording or mixing workflow has long since been on the mind of studio professionals. Enter Heritage Audio, who have created the BT-500 module, which enables the streaming of audio from smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth and delivering a balanced stereo output for seamless connection with a DAW or mixing console.

Heritage Audio BT-500 Bluetooth

Heritage Audio have announced their brand new BT-500 Bluetooth Streaming Module, which enables seamless streaming of audio from smartphone or tablet to your DAW or mixing console.

Imagine you are working with an artist who wants to quickly communicate the vibe of a reference track, or a home demo that they tracked overnight on their phone. The Heritage Audio BT-500 makes that quickly possible, without needing to source mini-jack cables and extra interface inputs.

It also provides for an accurate balance matching alongside tracks from your session, giving you the realistic full spectrum comparison.

And with an ever-growing collection of apps for music creation available on iOS and Android platforms, the effortless channeling of mobile devices into a production workflow is a godsend for putting down ideas with spontaneity and speed.

As studios evolve, the need for useful bits of gear that offer extra connections and convenience for your clientele increases. Find out more on the Heritage Audio website.

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