New iOS App Lets You Loop, Sample and Manipulate Field Recordings on the Fly

By February 13, 2018News, Software

From the sampling of a Zippo lighter in Sting’s 1992 hit It’s Probably Me, to sampling the sounds of clinking spoons in Maggie Rogers’ single Dog Years, musicians have been sampling recordings of every day sounds for years. Now, there’s a new iOS app that’s making it easier than ever to record samples on the go when inspiration hits.

LoopField is an iOS app that allows users to record anything around them, apply effects to it, sync it to a beat and export audio.

iOS App

There’s no mystery in the name. LoopField does exactly that, it loops field recordings. It does so, however, in a clever way that tastefully combines the best of sampling and effects processing.

The app loops sounds automatically, based on what you’ve recorded. Once you’re happy with a loop that you’ve tracked, press keep to save it.

Effects are on-hand to create more ethereal atmospheres from your loops and include frequency shifting, filtering and “mangling” (we’re not exactly sure what means, but it’s bound to be good!).

You can then import your own pre-made beat to get a sense of what the recording will sound like when immersed in a track. Once you’re happy with that, you can export the loop for incorporation into a larger DAW-based project. 

For more info and to test out the Beta version for free, check out the LoopField website.

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