New All Digital Wireless Headphones from Audio-Technica

By July 26, 2017Happy, Mixing, News, Recording

Audio-Technica has released the ATH-DSR9BT,  powered by Pure Digital Drive technology.

Want to keep your audio entirely in the digital domain? The new headphones from Audio-Technica promises a clean signal path to your ears.

Pure Digital Drive replaces the traditional digital to analog converter with a specially designed chipset, keeping the signal digital from the source to the headphones’ drivers. D/A converters can be subject to distortion and other irregularities in the process, Pure Digital Drive claims to eliminate such impurities by avoiding the conversion stage.

The drivers are triggered by digital pulses which then emits the soundwaves to be heard by the listener. The sonic performance is further enhanced by acoustic dampening to create a natural, flat response across the whole frequency spectrum.

Connection-wise the ATH-DSR9BT supports 48k/24bit Bluetooth transmission and also ships with a USB cable for hi-res audio playback from digital devices and a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 15 hours.

Visit Audio-Techica’s website for details.

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