Neunaber Unveils the Immerse Reverberator Mk II Pedal

By October 10, 2018Guitar, News, Pedals, Recording

Neunaber has just announced the preorder availability of the Immerse Reverberator Mk II. It packs eight flavours of stereo reverb into one compact stompbox.

From old school springs to eternal sustain: the Immerse Reverberator Mk II from Neunaber dishes up a massive range of ambient tones for guitar and more.

The five controls on the face of the pedal include effect select. Here you can choose from the eight different types of reverb, depth and mix (which goes to 100%).

The other two knobs are dependent on which effect is selected. There is a tone, echo time and hold time knob and remaining knob controls either pre-delay, modulation or blend.

Hall, plate and spring styles are on hand for a more traditional take on reverb. W3T – Neunaber’s flagship reverb – is combined with the sustain setting for infinite ambience, while echo combines W3T and a stereo echo.

Detune adds a detuned dry signal with reverb and shimmer is like a synth pad that follows what your instrument plays.

Head over to the Neunaber website for more details.

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