Neunaber Drop Inspire Tri-Chorus Plus, an Insanely Lush Modulation Machine

By November 21, 2017News, Pedals

Californian pedal makers Neunaber Audio Effects have just released the Inspire Tri-Chorus Plus, which offers eight varieties of chorus, ranging from subtle to deep and lush.

The Inspire Tri-Chorus Plus from Neunaber Audio Effects dishes up subtle wobble to deeply detuned tones and everything in between.

The variations provided by the Inspire are based on the tri-chorus algorithm, which gives the chorus a much more complex modulation profile. So whether searching for a classic, retro sounding effect, or something contemporary, this pedal has the variety to cover all bases when it comes to chorus.

The pedal features true bypass, mono or stereo outputs, controls for selecting one of the eight modes of effect (Tri, Hex, Cascade Tone, Cascade Vibe, Harmonic Vibe, Harmonic Detune, +Detune, +Echo), mix, depth, rate and effect adjust.

Check out Neunaber for more details.

Via Premier Guitar.

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