Neumann Enters New Territory with the NDH 20 Studio Headphone

Microphone legends Neumann have specialised in making high end studio mics for decades, until recently turning their attention to monitors. Now they have gone one step further, unveiling the NDH 20 closed back monitoring headphones.

Neumann have a well earned reputation for microphone excellence. Now they’ve applied their exacting standards to headphones with the release of the NDH 20.

Most dedicated mixing cans have open backs. This is a design which allows for greater accuracy in monitoring across the width of the frequency spectrum. Despite this, Neumann claim that:

“While many other closed-back headphones are marred by nasty resonances in the midband, making it difficult to come to reliable mix decisions, the NDH 20 offers an astonishingly detailed, well-balanced sound image, similar to Neumann’s acclaimed studio loudspeakers.”

Other specs include circumaural ear cups, 38mm diameter transducer and a frequency response that goes beyond the limits of human hearing (5 hZ – 30 kHz!).

For more information, visit the Neumann website.

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