Nectar 3 by iZotope Wants to Own Your Vocal Chain from Top to Bottom

iZotope’s Nectar 3 suite of production tools aims to be the ultimate in vocal processing. Now they’ve also partnered with Celemony to bring Melodyne 4 essential into the mix.

The last word in vocal production? Meet Nectar 3: powered by a host of vocal processing tools including deep EQ, anti-masking and tuning in the form of Melodyne.

Chief among the features of the plugin suite are Vocal Assistant: the tool that analyses a vocal performance and sets EQ, compression and ambience to suit the user’s flavour of choice.

Unmask is a device which communicates with other instances of iZotope plugins on other tracks to create a pocket for vocals to sit in. This ensures that the vocal is always upfront in the mix, without having to compete with other instruments.

Melodyne 4 essential is also along for the ride in this package. Melodyne enjoys an industry leading reputation for transparent and effortlessly surgical vocal tuning.

Check out the iZotope website for more info.

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