Native Instruments Unveils the Straylight Soft Synth

straylight granular synth sci fi sound native instruments

Straylight is the latest software synth from Native Instruments. It’s a granular based virtual instrument that is aimed squarely at sound designers and media composers.

straylight granular synth sci fi sound native instruments

If you need to write a cue for a sci-fi flick or a gritty thriller, Straylight might be for you. The latest creation from Native Instruments is based on granular synthesis.

Here’s how NI describe the instruments streamlined functionality and hyper-curated sounds:

Straylight delivers screen-ready cinematic sound sources without the need for additional processing – letting you concentrate on creativity, even when time is tight. We spent a lot of time testing sources and playing techniques, looking for the best and most interesting sounds for the granular engine – such as rubbing a rubber ball on glass.”

The granular engine in the software means that time and pitch can be warped to the extreme, while maintaining the realism and pristine nature of the source sounds.

Real time modulation is also available when you need it. Categories of effects include filters, gates, drives, delays, reverbs and more.

For more info, visit the Native Instruments website.

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