Native Instruments Unveils Super 8 Virtual Analog Synth

By May 3, 2019News, Software, Synths

Native Instruments has launched the Super 8 virtual synth. It’s their take on the analog polysynth classics, designed to give you lush pads, thick basses and soaring leads.

Native Instruments has just revealed the Super 8 virtual instrument. If you’ve got a hankering for sweet analog polysynth tones while you’re in the box, this plugin might be for you.

The main features of the synth include dual oscillators, each equipped with four independent waveforms. Flexible pitch modulation is on hand as well, as well stereo chorus, flange, delay and reverb.

As with other NI soft synths, there is a heavy emphasis placed on its ability to be tweaked easily. Simple sliders blend up to four waveforms for each of the two oscillators. There are also dedicated sliders for controlling ADSR envelopes and high and low pass filters.

To top it off, there are over 350 presets inspired by the likes of Roland, Sequential Circuits and more.

Visit the Native Instruments website for more details.

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