Native Instruments Launch Enormous, Subscription-Based Sample Database

By January 19, 2018News, Production, Software native instruments sample subscription service database royalty free downloads

Depending on your style, the act of hunting for samples might be your supreme happy place or a pit of despair. The sources to rip samples from are as numerous as the samples themselves, and everybody has their own strategy.

Native Instruments have just unveiled, an attempt to condense, or monopolise, the sample market. Labelled as a Spotify for samples, it’s a subscription-based service which offers high-quality downloads from a massive sound database.

Native Instruments, The Loop Loft, MVP Loops and Symphonic Distribution are just a few contributors to Sounds so far. native instruments sample subscription service database royalty free downloads

Hunting for samples? Native Instruments have revealed their very own royalty-free database, now operating in a beta stage.

If you’re the kind of producer who doesn’t notice five hours go by while shuffling through hundreds of kick samples, this may be a little too profound a database. Searching ‘Snare’ returns over 38,000 results, so to say you’ll be spoilt for choice would be an understatement.

That being said, the search function seems pretty powerful. In fact, it was apparently a major focal point for Native Instruments for the database to be easily digestible.

The service will set you back $9.99 per month, and unfortunately is only available to US customers at this stage. “80% of the world” is expected to have the service by the end of 2018.

Check it out here.

Via Fact Mag.

If you’re looking for a way a listen to Youtube the way it was meant to be, hit the link!

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