Native Instruments Celebrates Christmas with Free TRK-01 PLAY Plugins

Native Instruments has gotten into the Christmas spirit by offering up a freebie. The TRK-01 PLAY plugin set dishes up a range of synth-based kick and bass tones.

Free to download: the TRK-01 PLAY plugins from Native Instruments are dedicated kick and bass instruments, with a ton of synth-based modulation options.

The new plugins are actually drawn from the kick and bass engines from the TRK-01 bass synth.

The KICK half of the bundle is a blendable dual-layer kick drum engine that takes its sounds from synth-based sampled kicks, with modulation options.

Its BASS sibling relies on five synth engines, giving you a huge array of tonally creative options.

Head over to the Native Instruments website to get involved.

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