Nathan Sheehy’s Favourite Mics of All Time

By March 10, 2017Features, Happy

5/5 Shure SM57

The Telecaster of microphones, everyone has got one because you need to have one (or 6). The guy just gets the job done on loud sounds. Hands down the most used mic in the history of ever.

Shure-SM57Name: Shure SM57 | Year Introduced: 1965 | Type: Dynamic | Pattern: Cardioid

Nathan Sheehy is one of the most ambitious young producers working in Australia right now. He cut his teeth working in some of the best studios in the country alongside some equally brilliant producers. With an ear constantly on the ground for the best up and coming acts, Sheehy finds his work getting spun constantly on triple J and community stations like FBi and 4zzz. 

Sheehy’s producer credit list is constantly growing and his skills as a mix engineer are increasingly sought after. He is currently working in Jungle Studios and A-Sharp in Sydney and his credits include work with Dune Rats, Bluejuice, Creo, Little May and The Vanns. We’re always excited to see what Nathan does next and, as BC from Dune Rats astutely says, “we put our money on him being the hottest shit for years to come.” Too right. 

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