Nanolog Audio Launches the Carbon Series Line of Pedals

Nanolog Audio have taken a scientific approach to the creation of their Carbon Series of distortion stompboxes. Utilising carbon molecules and “quantum tunnelling”, they promise to create crunch with unparalleled warmth and responsiveness.

Quantum physics and distortion pedals, together at last. Nanolog Audio’s Carbon Series sidesteps traditional methods, instead using sci-fi techniques to create other worldly crunch.

The new line of pedals shows off Nanolog’s use of technology to create a variety of clipping possibilities. The company explains their methods:

Nanolog Devices, the heart of the company, use molecules of carbon and a quantum tunneling process to create a natural, responsive, and warm distortion that is unlike anything achievable with traditional silicon or germanium diodes.

The three pedals include the Orbital Fuzz – which offers up two traditional silicon diodes alongside two carbon N2 molecular junctions.

The C4 Distortion is a little tamer, with a silicon position for compressed and saturated tone, with the carbon position producing a thicker and more detailed distortion.

The Classic Overdrive is designed to the be the foundation of the guitar rig. It combines germanium, silicon and carbon options alongside treble and bass cut knobs for tasteful EQ options.

Check out the Nanolog website for more info.


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