nABC is the Innovative Compressor that Fits in the Palm of your Hand

nabc suono buono compressor kickstarter sidechain

It’s always to fun to take a stroll through Kickstarter. It’s become the breeding ground for many cutting edge audio projects – and this one is no different. The nABC from Suono Buono is a truly innovative approach to the art of compression.nabc suono buono compressor kickstarter sidechain

nABC – aka Not Another Boring Compressor – offers a truly innovative approach to compression. All analog, portable and fits easily into a modern workflow.

The device is a stereo analog sidechain compressor, yet it can also be used as a stereo-grade dynamic compressor in a more traditional setting.

What makes it unique is they way it can be used as a production tool. The nABC can be patched directly into a modular synth rig for example – the sidechain can be triggered using CV gate signals. It can be triggered via MIDI, meaning musicians can set up a sidechain using a sequencer, controller or even a pedal.

The compressor can calibrated to the millisecond. This opens up more possibilities than simple EDM-style pumping effects. You can individually shape every note of an arpeggio, create dynamic gating through a pad and more.

The user interface is surprising simple too. The large rotary controller tweaks the compressor parameters, making it easy for musicians to stay in the creative zone.

Head over to Kickstarter for more information.

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