MXR Custom Shop Unveils the Raijin Drive Stompbox

By April 30, 2019News, Pedals

The Raijin Drive is a result of the collaboration between Shin Suzuki and the MXR Custom Shop. The partnership has already yielded the Shin-Juku Drive, with the new pedal combining two Japanese classics.

Combining two icons of overdrive pedals in one package: the Raijin Drive is from the minds of Shin Suzuki and the MXR Custom Shop.

Working from the BOSS DS-1 and Ibanez Tubescreamer as inspiration, the new pedal allows you to access both of these worlds with a flick of a switch.

Here’s how MXR describe the character of their latest creation:

“The overdrive signal is smooth, fat, and wide open while the distortion signal packs an aggressive, harmonically rich punch with just enough gain to get good and heavy. Each signal complements the voice of your instrument, allowing your unique tonal character to be the star of the mix.”

To find out more, visit the Dunlop MXR website.

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