Motas Electronics Unveils the Motas-6 Analog Monosynth

The Motas-6 is a feature-packed analog monosynth (though digitally controlled) from British firm, Motas Electronics.

A welcome addition to the pantheon of analog monosynthesis – the Motas-6 combines powerful digital control and flexible modulation architecture in a desktop device.

The synth features three VCOs that cover triangle, sawtooth, squarewave and pulsewave shapes, feeding a mixer, where it’s possible to add pink or white noise.

Modulation is incredibly deep with independent envelope generators and an LFO for each parameter, with four global LFOs and EGs. Two low-pass filters and a high-pass filter make for complex sound shaping options, while the output VCA offers up a range of analog distortion options.

Powerful performance options are on offer here too, with an arpeggiator which can be synced to an external clock via MIDI or CV/Gate. Up to 56 different sequences can be saved and patterns are able to be transposed, repeated and delayed. 500 individual patches can also be saved.

The Motas-6 features a detailed monitoring section with level metering, MIDI monitor, oscilloscope and a spectrum analyser, so you can shape sounds according to frequency.

Check out the Motas website for more details.

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