Moog Unleashes the Next Generation with the Subsequent 37

By August 29, 2017Happy, News, Software

Moog have just announced the release of the Subsequent 37, a paraphonic (two-note) synth that will replace the discontinued Sub 37 Tribute Edition.

The new standard of paraphonic synthesis is here: Moog announces the release of the Subsequent 37 analog synth.

With this release, Moog are pushing the boundaries of circuitry innovation. The new Moog delivers twice the mixer headroom of the Sub 37 and the gain-staging of the ladder filter has been tweaked to offer more harmonic saturation and compression.

In addition to the tonal evolution of the new synth, the playability is improved with a redesigned keybed, a high powered headphone amp and a plugin editor for Mac and Windows.

The Subsequent 37 will ship for US $1499.

Find out more on the Moog website.


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