Moog Offers the First Glimpse of Their Flagship Moog One Polysynth

By October 10, 2018News
Moog One

For most synth-heads, it’s the biggest release of the year, so if you’ve been waiting for a bit more of a scoop on Moog One Polysynth check this one out. Moog has released an in-depth introductory film, titled Moog One – A Meditation On Listening.

Moog One

Moog’s new film, Moog One – A Meditation On Listening, offers an expressively in-depth demonstration of the new Moog One Polysynth.

The film explores the sounds of the Polysynth through the fingers of some truly talented synth players including, Jeff Bhasker, Suzanne Ciani, Chick Corea, Mike Dean, Robert Glasper, Dick Hyman, Dev Hynes, Mark Mothersbaugh, Mark Ronson, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Dr. Lonnie Smith, and Paris Strother.

Shot on both digital and super 8mm film, the video is a modern reworking of the original 1976 Polymoog demo. The film centres in on the transformational power of listening, and displays all the glory of Moog’s first analogue polysynth in 35 years.

Moog has also launched an ongoing daily live stream on their website that will display the manufacturing process at their factory in Asheville, North Carolina.

For more information on the Moog One Polysynth visit Moog’s website.

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