Teach Your Moog Mother-32 New Tricks With These 8 Excellent Patch Sheets

By November 13, 2017News, Synths
moog mother-32 patch sheets patches patch library

If you’re any sort of synth owner, you’ll know there’s roughly a million things wrong with the concept of sharing patches. When you own something modular or semi-modular like the Moog Mother-32, the struggle is especially real.

I’m sure there’s a utopian patch sheet out there somewhere, but until I find it, this series from Sweetwater is as close to perfect as it gets.

moog mother-32 patch sheets patches patch library

Want to discover a few more secrets within your Moog Mother-32? Dive into its guts with 8 mind-blowing patches from Sweetwater.

What makes this especially good is the fact that both videos and sheets are included for each patch, letting you witness and listen to their creation as well as having a reference for building it yourself.

And most importantly, the patches are tight as.

Check out a personal favourite below, a ‘Sequenced Filter’ patch. Grab the full set of videos patch sheets on Sweetwater.

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