Moog Launches the Analog Messenger of Joy: the Sirin Synth

By January 27, 2019News, Outboard, Production, Synths

Moog has unveiled their latest analog synth: Sirin. It’s curiously subtitled “The Analog Messenger of Joy” and based on the legendary Taurus bass sound engine. It reaches well into the high octaves, however, making it a legitimate lead machine.

Moog have just announced the limited edition Sirin synth. If you’ve always loved the sound of a Taurus, but hankered for the high end, this one could be for you.

The limited edition Sirin was created in honour of the Moog House of Electronicus in Los Angeles. It sports an almost identical front panel to the Minitaur, but its retro pastel colour scheme is more reminiscent of their recently released Grandmother.

What sets it apart, however, is that the fact that it’s not bound to the bottom end. Moog say that:

“Sirin is the first instrument in Moog’s Taurus family of bass synthesizers designed to generate pitches far above middle C, inviting searing, soft, and even clangorous lead sounds with ease.”

Visit Moog for more details.

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