Moog is Saying Goodbye to the Moogerfooger After Twenty Years

It was blissful while it lasted. The Moogerfooger graced many a record and live performance with its analog beauty, but Moog is retiring the effects units after twenty years in production.

Moog is retiring the Moogerfooger after twenty years of faithful service. From humble roots, it grew to include over twenty varieties of analog effects.

The production run is one of the longest of all Moog products and will continue until they run out of their current inventory.

The journey began in 1998 with the release of the MF-101 Low Pass Filter and the MF-102 Ring Modulator and was joined not long after by the MF-103 12 Stage Phaser.

Over its twenty year lifespan, the Moogerfooger line evolved to over twenty models, including the inimitable 104M Analog Delay. 

The voltage-controlled capabilities of the units invited the user to connect them in chains, functioning as guitar effects pedals as well as first-rate outboard effects units in their own right.

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