Moog Have Produced a Small Batch of New MF-104M Analog Delays

By April 8, 2019News, Outboard, Pedals

It seems like only yesterday that we were bidding the Moogerfooger a fond farewell. Now, a short run of new MF-104M Analog Delays have been made at the Moog factory.

A stay of execution: the Moogerfooger is officially out of production, but after finding a cache of vintage BBD chips, a small batch of MF-104M Analog Delays have been made.

Here’s how Moog describe the pedal:

“Based on Bob Moog’s original Moogerfooger MF-104 Analog Delay design from 2000, the MF-104M uses the same vintage analog BBD delay chips as the original, which provide 800ms of the richest analog delay on the planet.”

At the heart of the lush analog delay are bucket brigade chips. They were first developed in 1969 and are now exceedingly rare. Luckily, Moog acquired a handful of new-old stock BBDs – they form the sonic centrepiece of the M-104M.

There is a catch though! The short run of these Moogerfoogers is only available for purchase from the Moog factory in Asheville, North Carolina. What better excuse for a holiday?

Visit the Moog website for more details.

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