Moog has Unveiled Their New Flagship Synth: the Moog One

To say it’s been a long wait is an understatement. The Moog One is the company’s new flagship product and it’s their first new hardware polysynth in a generation.

Moog has reset the standard with the Moog One. It’s their first polyphonic hardware synth in decades and comes in 8-voice and 16-voice versions.

The new synth features the most advanced architecture ever brought to bear on a Moog product. The tri-timbral design allows for the splitting, layering and stacking of voices with up to 48 oscillators in unison mode. Each of the voices features a sequencer, arpeggiator and onboard effects library (including Eventide reverbs).

Each of the voices contains three analog VCOs, two independent analog filters (including Moog’s essential Ladder Filter), a dual-source analog noise generator, four LFOs and three envelope generators.

Playability is provided by a 61-note velocity and aftertouch-sensitive Fatar keybed, as well as a pressure-sensitive 3-axis X/Y pad that provides additional performance options.

There’s no details as yet on the Moog website, but you can visit Sweetwater for more details.


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