Moog Are Discontinuing Their Model D Reissue Due To Massive Demand

By June 30, 2017News, Synths
minimoog model d

Moog have announced they will be discontinuing the reissue of their classic Minimoog Model D synth, just over a year after it was first introduced.

minimoog model d

Moog have announced they are discontinuing their Model D reissue just over a year after it was first introduced, apparently due to high demand and a lack of parts.

The iconic company have stated high demand as the reason for the Model D’s discontinuation:

“In May 2016, we resumed building the Minimoog Model D for the first time in 35 years. Orders for the synthesizer quickly outpaced our initial estimates, leading to the addition of a night-shift to meet demand for the iconic instrument.

Our parts-inventory for the Minimoog Model D project was originally expected to span multiple years of manufacturing, but is being consumed at a much higher rate than anticipated. Thus, this second historical production run of the Minimoog Model D will reach completion much earlier than intended, and this marks the final opportunity to acquire a new Minimoog Model D.”

The reissue was announced at Moogfest 2016 in May last year to the collective salivating of gear heads round the world.

The Minimoog Model D reissues are still available from the Moog website if you’ve got a cheeky three grand up your sleeve. If not then you’re in luck. Behringer recently announced that their own Model D clone, due out soon, will sell for a measly $299 and is now avaliable for pre-order.

Roland also recently announced their own (seemingly) Moog-inspired analog synth, the SE-02, which sits a litter closer to the $500 mark.

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