Mooer Release’s Three New Pedals for Their Micro Preamp Range

By August 6, 2018Amps, News, Pedals
Mooer Micro Preamps

Need a big amp sound but don’t have a lot of room? Mooer‘s got you covered.

Their new micro preamp range has been designed to faithfully replicate the preamps of popular tube amplifiers. Mooer have really done their homework, analysing each amplifier’s unique tone, dynamics and response to get the most accurate sound possible.

The new range of Micro Preamp pedals from Mooer gives you that fat tube amp sound, without eating up your whole room… and wallet.


The Phoenix is a hot one. Modelled on modern, German heavy metal amplifiers, pedal covers those dark lower mids and compressed top end. The Phoenix offers a crisp clean channel and a gain channel with buckets of dirt on tap, to cover everything from crunchy rocky rhythm to mind-melting metal lead lines.


The Cali MKIV takes inspiration from Californian-designed session player combos. The compact box offers a crystal-clear clean channel for those glassy sustained tones. The Cali’s gain channel gives plenty of grit, is perfect for some slick blues and lively lead playing.

Custom 100

Modelled on a 100-watt Plexi-based boutique amp, the Custom 100’s dual channels offer a vast range of EQ and gain settings, making this an incredibly diverse little pedal. The clean can achieve a bit of American style shimmer, while the drive is purely classic British dirt, with modern range and tweakability.

These cracking little amp modellers will be released later in the month August, be sure to check out Mooer’s website for more information.

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