Mood Lets You Explore Micro Loops and Alternate Dimensions

By June 21, 2019Effects, News, Pedals
chase bliss audio mood pedal

Is it a delay? Is it a looper? Well, it seems to fulfil both roles and then some. Mood from Chase Bliss Audio uses two channels to its advantage, by bouncing audio back and forth between its two sides.

This collaboration between each of its personalities also extends to the creation of the pedal. For the loop channel, Drolo FX got on board. For the delay, they tapped Old Blood Noise bliss audio mood pedal

The Chase Bliss Audio Mood creates space, time and a whole new way to perform. Its two channels freely swap micro recordings, breaking sounds down to the granular.

The collection of ambient effects this unique pedal can conjure includes reverb, but not in a traditional way – more like a smearing of delay taps. The delay works best when combined with the different clock settings to create unique loop based harmonies.

Things get glitchy when you tweak the envelope settings, which can interrupt your loop, create stutters, slices and more. Manipulating the tape settings while changing the speed and direction of your loop also opens up a world of granular possibilities.

The depth and breadth of possibilities is hard to fathom, so it’s best to indulge in the exceptionally long demo video below:

Visit Chase Bliss Audio for all the details.

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