Monoment Bass is Softube’s Secret Weapon for Huge Bass

monoment bass softube bass synth virtual instrument

Plugin masters Softube have delivered the Monoment Bass synth. It’s a virtual instrument that caters to the need for deep subs, harmonic excitement and generally huge bass tones in modern production.monoment bass softube bass synth virtual instrument

Softube are no strangers to classic emulations. With the Monoment Bass synth though, they’ve focused on the modern hunger for powerful bass.

The aim of the instrument is to deliver cutting edge bass tones that are tastefully curated and ready for the mix. Here’s Softube on what went into the design of the virtual instrument:

Monoment Bass includes a two-layer source section, with all-stereo sources offering rich and evolving sounds. Nothing is static, and all the sources were recorded in triplicate, so there are three different samples per key for additional naturalism and life. The resulting sounds leap out of the speakers and grab hold of your track.”

So, owing to the depth of the instrument’s design, rich and evolving bass tones are available right out of the box. Far from being pristine though, the synth has a few colourful tricks up its sleeve.

By utilising the ageing control for instance, you can add a dash of analog imperfection to the tone. Further tweaks are available from spatialisation, multi-band compression and a host of curated ambient effects.

To find out more, visit the Softube website. 

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