Monitors for the Masses: Mackie MR Series Loudspeakers

Studio and live gear mainstays Mackie have announced the MR series of powered monitors.

Mackie’s new range of monitors has something for everyone: from intimate nearfields to massive sub woofers, the MR series has your monitoring needs covered.

The MR series is designed for control rooms and project studios of various sizes and purposes. The different sizes available are the 5 inch MR524, 6.5 inch MR624, the 8 inch MR824 and the 10 inch MRS10 subwoofer.

The MR series provides a wide sweet spot for listening via logarithmic waveguide technology, which also offers up enhanced stereo imaging over a broad listening spectrum.

Mackie has earned a well-deserved reputation for consistency across a several decade history, and as such are equipped with Acoustic Space Control and high frequency filters to tailor the sound to a wide range of listening environments.

Included with the monitors are isolation pads for decoupling the speaker sound from whatever surface (desks, shelves) it may be placed on.

The MR series monitor range is available now.

Visit the Mackie website for more details.

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