Modal Electronics Announces the New CRAFTsynth v2.0

By December 3, 2018News, Synths
modal craftsynth

UK synth manufacturer Modal Electronics has introduced the latest in its line of CRAFTsynth instruments. The new CRAFTsynth v2.0 is battery powered and packs eight oscillators and a huge amount of sound-warping ability into its compact housing.

modal craftsynth

UK synth company Modal Electronics has announced the latest version of their self-assembled CRAFTsynth synthesiser, buildable in just 10 minutes.

The CRAFTsynth v2.0 is an improvement on Modal’s original version and like its predecessor, it comes as a self-assembled kit that takes only 10 minutes to build. That’s quicker than most of IKEA’s flatpack furniture and I’m sure this is a lot more fun.

For a little synth, this unit packs in a lot of features, with an eight-slot modulation matrix and the option of 16 oscillator modifiers. The synth also includes an arp/sequencer as well as effects such as distortion and delay. Also included is a 2-pole resonant filter which can be morphed from low pass, through bandpass, to high pass.

Modal is using Kickstarter to launch their new synth, so if you’re interested you can sign up to be kept in the loop for when the campaign launches. For more information check out the Modal’s product page.

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