Mobile Music-Making App, Blocs Wave for iOS Is Now Free To Download

By April 28, 2017News, Software
Blocs Wave free

Mobile music making is easier and more intuitive than ever. At the vanguard of this movement is Blocs Wave for iOS, which is now available for free (though the “slicer” and “audio import” features are available as in-app purchases).

Blocs Wave free

Sleek mobile music-making app, Blocs Wave for iOS is now free to download. Get creating, folks.

Recording, looping, chopping and building songs with the included library of soundpacks are made easy through its sleek user interface. Interestingly for more advanced users, the connectability with Ableton Live – exporting into Live sets or even synchronised jamming through Link should be pretty enticing.

Mobile devices have been gaining credence as professional production setups. Even one of Kendrick Lamar’s key collaborators, Steve Lacy uses his iPhone as his key production tool. More proof than ever that it’s the ear, not the gear!

Even if you prefer to keep more traditional tools at the centre of your production workflow, the easy interfacing between mobile and computer software makes apps like Blocs Wave all the more worthy of inspection.

Check out Blocs Wave here.

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