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Enmore Audio is Sydney mixing studio equipped to deliver world-class mixes and mixing services for a range of commercial and artistic purposes. A flexible and creative approach to the mix is at the core of our philosophy, whether the client is a solo artist, full band or a business looking to put a professional and unique finish on their sonic brand.

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We prioritise communication and a collaborative process with our clients in order to achieve the best results possible. The acoustically optimised control room allows for pinpoint accuracy and flat frequency response: it’s the best possible environment for shaping audio to maximise its potential.

The Kitchen is our control room and the home of Enmore Audio’s mixing facility. The room was designed by renowned acoustician and sound engineer, John Sayers, to meet our exacting standards in monitoring sound. The Kitchen is a warm and friendly space to meet, consult and collaborate with mix clients; it also inspires creativity and focus. It has a well-honed workflow, and access to all the studio’s mixing tools is within arm’s reach.

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The engine room for Enmore Audio’s mixes is the 6-core Mac Pro, which contains the industry-leading Pro Tools software: strong and intelligent enough to drive heavy mixing sessions with unlimited track counts. Pro Tools is extraordinarily flexible and powerful, making it the choice of the vast majority of audio professionals. Editing audio in Pro Tools is swift and accurate enough to zoom down to the individual sample, making sound sculpting incredibly precise. All audio formats are easily adaptable to be mixed in Pro Tools, making portability of files and sessions exceptionally convenient.

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Enmore Audio’s suite of audio processors – both hardware and software – offers maximum creative scope for sculpting sounds. Our Waves Mercury bundle and Universal Audio plugins provides award-winning and innovative options in reverb, delay, compression, equalisation and much more. Our hardware collection is easily accessible through the Kitchen’s patchbay. It includes the tube-driven Universal Audio 6176 and the classic DBX 160: both devices giving audio an unmistakable vintage compression. For more extreme effects, our Moog selection can contribute a psychedelic twist with ring modulation and analog delay. For a slightly less conventional approach, we thoroughly enjoy sending sounds through our stompbox favourites: want face-melting fuzz or spaced-out stereo chorus in your mix? Enmore Audio has you covered.

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Our software is then routed through the Apollo 16, which is Universal Audio’s flagship interface. This ADA converter is exceptionally transparent and the industry leader in high-fidelity audio. For monitoring purposes, Enmore Audio has a pair of Mackie HR-824 midfield speakers. These have been a mainstay of the studio for many years and they produce incredibly detailed frequency responses throughout the spectrum. We also have a set of premium quality Sennheiser HD600 monitoring headphones for making surgical edits and mixing in a different sonic environment. In fact, testing mixes through a multitude of listening scenarios is beneficial for the final product – it means that we can achieve the best quality mix for a wide range of “real world” listening environments. The PreSonus monitoring station affords the studio many routing options. We can listen through regular hi fi speakers and make adjustments to the mix for domestic consumers; listening through humble earbuds can facilitate the best mix for people on the go. Versatility and creating a mix strong enough to stand up in any environment is key goal for Enmore Audio.

Enmore Audio is a prime Sydney mixing studio with the capacity to deliver professional, inspiring and original mix results for a diverse range of projects. If you have a question or want to chat, get in touch with Radi or Dan.

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