Mixing in Buckets: Waves Unveils the CLA MixHub Plugin

Waves has again teamed up with legendary mix engineer Chris Lord-Alge to deliver the CLA MixHub plugin. It aims to change your mix workflow by allow you to access eight channels at a time.

Mousing around the mix getting you frustrated? Waves and Chris Lord-Alge have collaborated to give you the solution: the CLA MixHub plugin.

Lord-Alge’s mixes on consoles and likes to group the desk into 8 channel “buckets”. This style of mixing is central to the design of the plugin.

Aside from encouraging you to rethink your mixing workflow, the plugin also packs in a lot of processing options.

The channel strips include the input section, which handles high and low pass filtering, saturation and has a mic preamp. The dynamics section features the console’s built in compressor and is switchable to CLA’s favourite Bluey outboard model.

The EQ is a four band parametric, while a VU meter and plasma style PPM meter feature at the output stage.

Visit Waves for more information.

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