Mixed In Key Studio Edition Brings Key Detection to Your DAW

By April 25, 2019News, Production, Software
Mixed In Key

Mixed In Key Studio Edition is a revamped version of the popular DJ plugin. The new DAW friendly software works in real time and analyses the root key and notes present in audio and midi samples, making it a handy tool for producers and DJs alike.

The popular DJ plugin Mixed In Key has been renewed for producers. The new software offers real-time key detection of MIDI and audio in your DAW.

The plugin works by calculating a percentage score of how closely your notes match within your samples, with key results viewable as flat, sharp or on a wheel of fifths or Camelot wheel notation.

You can place the plugin on specific audio channels, as well as your master channel to retrieve real-time key information as midi or audio samples play out. Also incorporated are tools for DJs that can help plan sets, such as scores for energy levels and suggested cue points.

The new Studio Edition of the plugin is available on Mac and PC in VST and AU formats. Head over to the Mixed In Key website for more information.

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