MixChecker Pro is a Tool for Analysing Mixes Across a Range of Platforms

MixChecker Pro has set out to solve the eternal mix conundrum: how well does my mix translate on different systems? Audified’s plugin allow you to hear how your mix will sound on a phone, tablet, laptop, headphones and more.

Creating a mix that translates well on a range of media is a challenge for the ages: Mixchecker Pro aims to solve this quandary by emulating headphones, laptop speakers and more.

Once the plugin is activated on your DAW’s master bus, you can select which different configuration you want to listen to, with the push of a button.

A plethora of emulated speakers are on hand, including TV speakers, in-ear headphones, car speakers and many more. These can then be coupled with uncontrolled ambient spaces like subways, shopping malls and streets to mention a few.

Other features include the distortion of alternative electronic circuits, background noise and advance stereo modes, including the ability to adjust stereo width.

For more info, visit the Audified website.

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