Michael Stavrou’s Favourite Mics of All Time (so far)

By July 22, 2016Features, Happy, Miking
Neumann U47 Fet

1/5 Neumann fet U47

Stav: More versatile than its valve counterpart and better bang for a buck. It’s soft middle, clear top end, and extra bass rounds everything out and makes it sound more hi-fi. It’s got two pads: a 6db pad between the capsule and the first bit of electronics plus a 10 DB pad between the electronics and the mic lead. This means it even handles the level from a bass drum without damage to the mic or the console keeping it clean. And is great for any vocal or electric guitar also.

Neumann fet U47

Name: Neumann U47 FET | Year Introduced: Conceived in 1969, mass production started in 1972 | Type: Condenser | Pattern: Cardioid

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