Meter Plugs Launches the Loudness Penalty Plugin

Mastering plugin specialists Meter Plugs have just announced the Loudness Penalty plugin. It gives you real time feedback on how much a variety of streaming services will either boost or cut the volume of your final masters.

An invaluable tool for mastering engineers: Loudness Penalty by Meter Plugs gives you the information you need to get the volume right for a variety of streaming services.

For a while now, the software has been available in a browser based, drag and drop format. Definitely convenient, but it doesn’t have the ability to analyse volume changes throughout a song.

With the plugin version, you don’t have to bounce out the track and drop it into the browser window. It allows you to pinpoint any loudness “pain points” within the song, without leaving your DAW, giving you the chance to fine tune processing.

You can also preview your music live through Youtube, Spotify, Tidal, Pandora and iTunes volume standards.

For more details, visit the Meter Plugs website.

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